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The Best in Class

Founded by art collector Surender Sharma in 1983, Tarun Art Gallery has established a reputation for presenting the best in contemporary and modern art as well as promote young and promising talent.

If you are looking for an art gallery featuring stunning and immersive art with reputation, famous artists, exquisite paintings, and also fine art consultants to help you buy art, look no further than the New Delhi-based iconic Tarun Art Gallery, or TAG, as it’s popularly known. Founded by Shri Surender Sharma, who’s clearly passionate for art by bringing together master talents in 1983, TAG has flourished as a strong pillar in today’s fast evolving industry of Indian art. The gallery specialises in modern and contemporary art; from the second half of the 19th century through the 20th century and up to the present day. This strictly defined specialisation allows the gallery to offer works of art professionally and diligently based on reliable contacts with the art market environment, many years of experience and rich bibliographic material. The gallery’s primary activities are to present the works of art greats as an essential complement to the art offered in the Indian fine art industry. The works of Indian masters are sold with a certification proving their authenticity and provenance. Besides, it is the gallery’s primary ambition to promote young and evolving Indian artists, graduates of leading art schools in the country, winners of important competitions and creators of important exhibitions. While monitoring artistic events from around the globe, the gallery singles out interesting works and then promotes their creators at exhibitions and fairs on both national and international levels.

Vision and Mission: The gallery aims to connect people to art by encouraging, supporting and nurturing native and international creative talents. TAG’s vision is to establish and become an innovative and creative niche for visual arts all over India and beyond by providing access to art to all sections of society and enriching them with artworks.

  • Establish strong relations with various forms of institutions and organisations to promote Indian art and heritage.
  • To make artworks available as an easy asset to serve the purpose of alternative investment.
  • To prepare the next generation of artists, mastering their art and contributing to the ever- evolving art industry.


Art valuation and Consultancy: We provide professional consultancy services for art collection.

Exhibition and Curatorial Services: We exhibit Indian and international artists through our own gallery space and also provide platforms to participate and exhibit their creativity on other platforms.

Display Services: We provide the finest of the display services in private and public spaces with high-quality materials.

Artist Assessment and Management: We provide an active platform to the new budding artists in their formative years by developing their . portfolio, documentation and marketing.

Archiving and Documentation: TAG functions on solid grounds of fair and organised documentation of art collection and archival collection. Conservation and Restoration: We value your passion and deep concern for safe keeping of the artworks. Therefore, TAG provides the finest of the conservation and restoration services.


Managing Director Mr. Surender Sharma

Director Mr. Tarun Sharma

A beloved patron to many artists, he is the prime visionary for bringing TAG to its present state. Since 1982, he has been a prominent art collector and much sought after by many advisory panels for his expertise and vast knowledge of Indian modern art. His faith in Indian artists is rock solid and he has been very close to legendary artists like M. F. Husain (now his son Shamshad Husain), F. N. Souza, S. H. Raza, Ram Kumar, Paritosh Sen and more . In the year 2001, Bikash Poddar gifted him his most loved work depicting the Kamadhenu (holy cow) on canvas. In 1995, as an art consultant, he was part of Husain’s exhibition based on Bollywood actress Madhuri Dixit-Nene. Comprising paintings depicting Madhuri in various avatars as Menaka with Vishwamitra, Madhuri with Meryl Streep, leaning over a bridge in Madison County and Clint Eastwood on horseback, Madhuri as Radha with Nand Lala, Madhuri playing tennis at Wimbledon etc. The show was held in New Delhi at the Art Today Gallery. In the year 2006, he participated at the Hub India art show curated by the well-known Myna Mukherjee. The show took place in Turin, Italy.

In 2016, TAG experienced a breath of youth when the young and dynamic, Mr Tarun Sharma, officially took charge as the Director of the gallery. Till that time, he had spent his life meeting people and exploring the Indian art scene up close and personal. Having spent more than a decade in the industry, he inherited his passion for art from his father, Mr Surender Sharma. In 2019, Mr Surender Sharma and Mr Tarun Sharma were leading art advisors to the event called ‘Hallucinations’, organised by Moolagudam Art Gallery, Hyderabad. Mr Tarun Sharma’s childhood was filled with many personal episodes that crafted his passion for art. It was first triggered when he received a painting from none other than M. F. Husain, who personally gifted it to him. Artist Manjit Bawa once drew a small drawing of his signature figure of a cow to cheer him. Also, F. N, Souza gifted him art material. The ambience of his home due to his father’s profession and active involvement only further nurtured his love for visual art and encouraged him to become a fine art collector.

He has taken TAG to new heights keeping the vision and mission as his prime focus. He has played a key role in many consultations along with his father. In the year 2020, the exhibition at World Art Dubai (6th Edition), was successfully executed under his leadership not only as the head of TAG, but also as the curator of the show. Today, Mr Tarun’s role is essential for the smooth functioning of TAG. While leading TAG, Mr Tarun has also established a parallel firm entitled, ‘Ask Investo’ which is a consulting firm covering almost every investment asset all over India, like luxury articles, real estate, antiques etc. Ask Investo assists its clients through guidance of investments in various assets.

Organising Exhibitions
The gallery organises exhibitions in select galleries and exhibition halls in India and abroad. The gallery also fulfils a curatorial role and prepares exhibitions on the order of other institutions such as companies, galleries and arts foundations in the scope of the selection of works, their arrangement, organisation and supervision.

Some of the events:
In 2020, World Art Dubai’s sixth edition featured an impressive collection of more than 300 artworks. Predominantly contemporary and covering all mediums, each piece came from a renowned gallery or solo artist, and all together represented creativity from more than 30 countries. TAG adorned its section at the World Art Dubai with works of Indian artists like Nilay Sarkar, Bikash Poddar, Tapan Dash and Kishore Roy. In 2014, Rotary District held a live auction of Modern and Contemporary Art by Mr Surender Sharma with the association of Mr Purrsshotam Bheggeria at Durbar Hall, The Taj Palace Hotel, Diplomatic Enclave, New Delhi.

Business and Art events: TAG develops concepts and organises events comprehensively connected with business and art presentations. It cooperates with many proven sub-contractors: techniques, artists, designers etc.

Felix Café, Goa, 2022: This year, we had an exhibition at the Goan Portuguese-style villa that houses a restaurant, coffee shop and a traditional bar in a lush tropical garden and an indoor space in Anjuna, featuring artworks by master artists like K. G. Subramanyam, S. H. Raza, M. F. Husain etc.

Triveni Kala Sangam, 2019: Live painting at the inauguration by eminent artist Ranjit Sarkar at the event, Aarohan, an event of music and dance in association with Sai Shinjini and Sun Foundation.

BMW, Mathura Road, 2015: Art exhibition at the Mercedes Car launch. Corporate Art The company is preparing the concept of introducing art to the public and corporate spaces for selected clients and advising corporate clients on the scope of creating collections of artworks for collectors, interior designers and event management.

Art Collection Management: TAG is equipped with highly skilled art professionals who hold expertise in managing art collections. They not only do organised cataloguing, but are also trained to carry out methods of preventive conservation.

Commissioned Art: We offer the creation of custommade artworks such as portraits, murals etc. Insurance Services: We understand the value of your art collection, both materially and emotionally and thus provide well-channelised procedural insurance services to keep one safe from losses.