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Shades & Strokes

Lalit Kala Akademi plays host to Palette Stroke, a group exhibition of creative minds expressing their feelings with brushes, knives and tools to express human emotions, moods, agony and joys of life TEXT: TEAM ART SOUL LIFE

Palette Stroke, a group exhibition of 13 artists comprising both paintings and sculptures, began at Ravindra Bhawan, Lalit Kala Akademi, New Delhi, on November 30, 2022. The exhibition of creative minds expresses their feelings with brushes, knives and tools using different colour palette, forms, space division, strokes and texture to express human emotions, moods, agony and joys of life.

Senior artist Anup Sharma tries to simplify the images which loom over his inner world through charcoal, colours, texture and forms. For Asmita Shah, the central theme of her artworks is the famous quote: “Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder.” She has developed a feminine style with simple minimalistic figures. Each painting talks about different moods and the importance of colours in our life. Dr D. S. Chougale’s abstract work shows sentiments and visual representation of his choice of colours and subtleties of his strokes are a reflection of the prowess of inner vision and mystical experience of the artist.

Dr Jagdeesh Prasad Meena through his artwork ‘Household life’ shows various moments of happiness and sorrow to a person entangled in the chaos of family life and relationship with deep and gray tones. Dr Rajendra Parsad’s painting series “Misty Memories” is a symbolic display of feminist approach using space, rhythm and texture revealing hidden forms, leaving the viewers mesmerised. Artist Manisha Shrivastava’s subject of art emphasizes the spiritual expression, characters, history based key elements as subjective, experience, the physiological response and the behavioural response.

In the artworks of Rahul Ushahara, natural and artificial beauty is used in the form of raised marks on the surface of mind, which is depicted as different layers of colours in the all paintings. R. Solomon’s abstraction ‘Present Landscape’ attempts to show a bird’s eye view which makes the painting an interesting and pleasant experience for the viewer.

Minimalist approach towards colours is an amazing exploration of a two- colour palette on a large canvas of life reflecting the energy within the universe in Mona Jain’s paintings. Sculptor Dr Shailesh Kumar Patel’s ‘Soulmate’ shows a different kind of intimacy and emotion through sculpture of two heads separated but merged with each other.

Sanjay Kumar in his abstract painting uses the space beautifully to speak through peeping abstract motifs which are different and mesmeric. Anamika’s ‘Nature Creation’ is initially inspired by the social aspect, as she moved into socio-cultural values and gradually, the thoughts spread to nature.