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Gandhi’s ideals, Buddha’s Inspiration

Earthy Hues showcases sculptures and artworks inspired by human evolution and nature featuring artists Anki Bhutia and G. Reghu

New Delhi-based One Of Eight Art Projects and Art Magnum art gallery joined hands to present Earthy Hues, a beautiful showcase of earthy sculptures and artworks aligned with the nature and human evolution from April 28, 2022, till May 6, 2022, at at Bikaner House, CCA Building, New Delhi.

Tarun Khanna, Founder, One Of Eight Projects, and Saurabh Singhvi, Director, Art Magnum, curated the show with works of Kerala-based G. Reghu, a prolific sculptor, and Anki Bhutia, who is known for her nature-inspired paintings, on display. “We are delighted to associate with both the artists and provide them a platform for showcasing their talent. We hope to delight all the art lovers by amalgamating Gandhian philosophy and Buddhism inspiration incorporated by Reghu and Anki Bhutia in their artworks respectively. We aim to bring diverse cultures to one platform,” said Khanna at the start of the show. Reghu’s creations for the show were influenced by the artist’s own agricultural upbringing as well as the Gandhian ideal of working with local materials. The figures were doll-like and used traditional folk motifs, such as women and children at play, with expressions of joy or wonder. His Indian village roots were reflected in the muted organic earth colours and matte finish. Bhutia, originally from Sikkim, grew up in the pristine lap of nature, and so, the palette used was a vibrant imitation of nature, as seen in rocks, streams, sunshine, fires, forests, and avian feathers. Her brush strokes are enticing, and the canvas spaces were divided into colour slots, much like a prism, held up to the light within. The textures created by her tonal applications traced the journey of a pilgrim on the path to self-discovery, where each landmark along the way is marked with a hue of light and life, making the painting an interesting tracery, actualising one’s personal journey through life. “For all the art lovers seeking a way out to transcend into a magical time and escape reality for a few minutes, Earthy Hues can definitely offer them the opportunity to do so. The artworks are extraordinary and have been put together with a vision in mind. The two artists complement each other and come together seamlessly as a showcase that is going to leave you spellbound,” said Singhvi.

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