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The subtle mix of classical with contemporary creates relatable visual depictions with completely new, unrecognisable forms in the work of artist Shubhra Das

One of the leading contemporary women artists of India, Shubhra Das asserts global acceptance, acclaim and admiration for her works. As an artist, she understands the language of varied feelings and emotions, numerous thoughts and experiences, channelling through her. And this understanding is not only limited to the Indian perspective, but transcending boundaries, globally. The subtle mix of classical with contemporary creates relatable visual depictions with completely new, non-recognisable forms. There is overlapping and continued interweaving of myriad elements.

Her knowledge associates and combines these vast global perceptions of her. She converts her thoughts into forms with the use of her diverse and extensive palette of forms, colours, aesthetics, lines, drama, fragmented folded spaces and originality. It could be a relationship, a narrative; sometimes a feeling, many times a conversation; sometimes could be an involvement, other times dispersing of something, and accumulating.

Shubhra succeeds in creating art that has universal appeal, that connects with any person in any corner of the world. She believes her sensitivities are cocooned and embraced by Mother Nature. “I am a witness to her artistic journey and have joyfully watched her constantly evolving and developing in many ways. The delicate balance of femininity and nature in her works make them a pleasure to view and delve into. And I believe she is on an upward trajectory and will create a mark for herself globally,” says Sapna Kar, Co-founder, the curators. Art. A post-graduate in visual arts, Shubhra also has extensive experience in Digital and 3D design and trained in classical dance Bharatnatyam. She also has imbibed her father’s teachings in her artistic life, who was very happy to see her as an artist. “This piece of art not only represents love, but a genuine sense of warmth. The major principles being Shubhra’s choice of colours and hues combined with the gentle brush strokes and flowers, make for a comforting, pleasant visual experience. The expressions and motifs exude a sense of calm and are a vibrant addition to any collection. In our current exhibition ‘Passionately Indian’ in Nashik, this is one of my favourite works,” says Rajneeta Kewalramani, Co-founder, thecurators art.

“Shubhra is very professional as an artist, who knows how to create, sustain and grow her artistic value for her patrons and collectors. She understands her responsibility to constantly evolve and hence you see a consistent growth from canvas to canvas. We wish her new heights of success and recognition and are sure to be a part of her continued artistic journey,” quotes Sapna and Rajneeta.

Sapna Kar and Rajneeta Kewalramani are successful curators and gallerists with extensive experience of over 25 years across media, events and social impact. – their contemporary art gallery that works on a hybrid online and offline format, offers a unique and curated selection of artworks by renowned and promising Indian artists.